St Luke’s currently support three projects, here is more about them. 

St James Church, Nallur, Sri Lanka:

This 3 year overseas mission project was aimed at helping the congregation of an Anglican Church in the North of Sri Lanka rebuild their vicarage after extensive damage to the church and surroundings after a 30 year civil war which ended in 2009. Peace really was fully established after the 2015 elections. The 200th anniversary celebrations of the church takes place at the end of July 2018 and it is hoped that all the building work be finished by then. A new vicar started in Jan 2018 and it is hoped that the vicarage will be ready for him to live in and to offer hospitality for visiting clergy. It is hoped that the mission of the church will be strengthened in the North of Sri Lanka with the restoration of church buildings and their function. Chris and Grace Warren will be visiting the church in September 2018 to see the completed work and update St Luke’s church on this project.

Baby Basics

Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby. Baby Basics provides much needed essentials and equipment to mothers and families who are unable to provide these items for themselves; particularly those from displaced people groups and those seeking asylum. To find out more about the project and how you can support them, click here.


We, St Luke’s Church, are currently supporting Tearfund and their ‘Heart for Lebanon’ project in the Bekaa valley. Here, there are many thousands of refugees from Syria living in camps. Tearfund are providing tents, food and clothing. They also have schools for the children and safe places where the refugees can get help to overcome their trauma. Here they talk and are listened to. They learn the meaning of love and trust and forgiveness and find the love and peace of God in their shattered lives.