This policy was originally adopted at a Trustee Meeting held on Wednesday 21 March 2012. It will be reviewed annually by Trustees.

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As members of St Luke’s Church we are concerned with the wholeness of each individual within God’s purpose for everyone. We seek to safeguard all members of the church community. It is the responsibility of each one of us to protect children and young people from physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse and from neglect.

Statement of Aims
Our aims in respect of children and young people are:

  • to support them in relevant Christian discipleship through a programme of learning
  • to provide opportunities for them to experience God for themselves
  • to encourage Christian fellowship through small groups, services & special events
  • to help them realise their full potential
  • to encourage them to take part in the life of St Luke’s church
  • to provide adequate leadership relevant to size and nature of group involved
  • to provide a safe meeting place for them
  • to encourage them to become responsible adults
  • to provide appropriate activities
  • to promote equality of opportunity for all

This document covers the work of St Luke’s Church with children and young people, in its services, activities and in the groups meeting throughout the week both inside and outside the church buildings.

Currently these groups are:
Stars (0-4 years old, Sunday 10-11am)

  • Stars (4-7 years old, Sunday 10-11am),
  • Ignite (7-11 years old, Sunday 10-11am)
  • Impact (11 years old & above, Sunday 10-11am)
  • Bumps & Babies (Tuesday 10-11.30am)
  • Wednesday Toddlers (Wednesday 10-11.30am)
  • Shine (11 years old & above, Thursday 7-8.30pm)
  • Friday Toddlers (Friday 10-11.30am)
  • Creation (4 - 11 years old, Friday 4.30-6pm)
  • ReFresh (11 years old & above, 3rd Sunday 6.30-8.00pm)
  • Glow (8 – 11 years old, Wednesday 6.30 – 7.30pm)

This Policy does not apply to St Luke’s Pre-School Nursery or St Luke’s uniformed groups who will operate within their own Child Protection/Safeguarding guidelines.

Application of the Parish Policy
The Trustees will:

  • adopt the Policy and review it annually.
  • display it prominently in both entrances to the church premises.
  • approve a Safeguarding Group, as appointed by the Vicar/Minister, to oversee the Policy
  • approve a Safeguarding Children Officer and Children’s Advocate, as appointed by the Vicar/Minister, and will inform the Church House administrator of their details.
  • ensure that the names, contact details and photos of the Safeguarding Officers and Children’s Advocate are published on church notice boards along with the Childline phone number.

The Safeguarding Group will with the Vicar/Minister ensure that:

  • the recruitment process included in the Diocesan Safeguarding Children Policy is followed including the use of Job Description and Application Forms, References, the Confidential Declaration and the Disclosure and Barring Service following the Diocesan system.
  • appointment to any post, paid or voluntary, will not be made until these processes are complete.
  • all appointments will be made on a conditional basis until the completion of a satisfactory probationary period.
  • all those working with children and young people will follow the good practice guidelines in the Diocesan Safeguarding Children Policy and Guidelines.
  • all new children’s workers will be informed of the Parish Policy and Diocesan Guidelines and will be expected to work according to their requirements.

All groups will ensure that:

  • a register of children, young people and leaders attending each group session is kept securely.
  • Registration Forms, including emergency contact details are completed and kept securely.
  • Registration Forms are available whenever the group meets. This applies whether meeting on church premises or elsewhere.

The Trustees will ensure that there is adequate insurance cover for all usual activities for children and young people.

Fire Regulations and Security
All group leaders:

  • will be aware of fire regulations and the positions of fire extinguishers.
  • will be vigilant as to the presence of anyone on the premises during the meetings of the groups.
  • should know who to contact in an emergency relating to the building.

Food and Hygiene
If any group is involved in the preparation or selling of food, at least one leader should have completed a relevant hygiene and food safety course to ensure good practice is followed.

First Aid and Accidents
Each activity will have at least one adult present who has attended a first aid course. There are first aid kits on the premises.

In the event of any accident the group leader will ensure that:

  • an incident and accident report form, to be found in the group registers, is completed and passed to the Youth & Children’s Worker as soon as possible. These forms will be filed securely.
  • an entry is made in the church Accident Book to be found in the kitchen and the completed tear-off form posted in the blue box by the Office.
  • parents are informed of any accident/incident.

Providing an Independent Person
Children and young people will have the opportunity to raise any concerns about any safeguarding matter with the Children’s Advocate.

If an allegation is received concerning the behaviour of an adult, the Diocesan Allegations Policy (a copy of which can be found in the Safeguarding Children Policy) will be followed.

Procedures to follow are accessible to leaders on the front of group registers.


  • All children and young people’s workers will meet to review their work on a termly basis.
  • This will include a review of child protection issues and health and safety issues relating to each group.
  • The Parish Safeguarding Group will review the Policy annually and report to the Trustees, who will record this review in their minutes.
  • The Trustees will inform the Archdeacon via the visitation that this has been done. A copy of the current Parish Safeguarding Policy will be sent to the Archdeacon for inclusion in the parish file. A further copy will be sent if there are substantial amendments.


  • Children’s workers will be required to attend the Safeguarding and First Aid training provided annually by the Church, Diocese or by the Local Authority.
  • The Safeguarding Group will consider the training needs at the time it reviews the Parish Safeguarding Policy. If specific needs are identified the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser will be consulted.

Hiring Out of the Church Premises

  • Any organisation booking the use of the church premises will be informed of the need to observe the Parish Safeguarding Policy via a statement on the Booking Form. They should be expected to confirm they have a safeguarding policy and appropriate insurance.
  • Individuals booking church premises for private functions will have the Policy drawn to their attention via a statement on the Booking Form and accept their responsibility for protecting children at that function
  • The statement on the Booking Form will provide a link to the church’s website where the Policy can be read / downloaded.

Reviewed and amended 20 February 2013
Reviewed and amended 19 February 2014

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